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Serving Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC

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Standard Service $55.00

Additional services same address $20.00

Same Day service $85.00

We have partners in every state call for pricing

Special rates for collection agencies and higher volume accounts

Not sure if the address is correct? That’s OK we provide basic skip trace on all services.

Do you need a guaranteed service with deep skip trace? Try our guaranteed service. If we do not serve we do not charge. Cost is $100.00 per service and is handled by licensed private investigators. Call for more details

All services are unlimited attempts

Special Service Pricing

Weekly services made to these Virginia businesses:
MERS Corp, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, Capital One

We also make weekly visits to most Government agencies.

Contact us for a monthly flat rate for unlimited monthly services.


LIA is a fully licensed private investigation firm with partners nationwide.  95% of all documents are attempted within the first 24 hours*

Computer access to check on your service process with the ability to upload and download documents

  • Proof of Service returned to you or the court the next day
  • Bad addresses verified and all attempts well documented
  • State of the Art computer and tracking system

There is no such thing as impossible

Give LIA a try today and notice the difference

CALL US TODAY AT  (703) 717-9110 or (800) 267-8127

Most services are $55.00 with unlimited attempts!

*Additional Charges May Apply