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At LIA we believe in child safety and want to help ensure that
any lost or kidnapped child is found quickly.

LIA offers the following identification services:

The Three way Identification kit

  • Main ID Kit
    a. Vital information about where your Child’s surrounding area
    b. Your child’s physical characteristics
    c. A large area for your child’s current photo
    d. Your child’s finger prints
    e. Your child’s dental records (to be filled out by their dentist)
    f. A storage bag (will hold hair samples for DNA testing)

2. A laminated ID card with your child’s medical release information

3. Laminated safety shoe tags that are almost impossible to remove

We have also added the McGruff’s internet safety booklet to help keep them safe on line.

As part of our service, LIA will store a copy of your child’s file until they are 18 years old just in case you misplace yours.
Should your child ever becomes a victim of an abduction we will work with you, free of charge, 
for the first 24 hours which is the most critical time.

Child Safety Kit, with backup file $35.00
(completed in our office or your home with 3 or more)
Child Safety Kit, with backup file and first 24 hour location service $100.00

Call today to set your appointment  toll free 866-736-5371

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