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This background screening is generally performed for those
who require a compete dossier on the subject and known
associates. In excess of one hundred forty one (141) databases
are searched, scanning billions of records both national and by
specific states.

  Name Verification                                     Firearms & explosive Lic
Past & Last Known Residence                  Concealed Weapon Permits
Social Security Confirmation                     Professional Licenses
Telephone Numbers                                 Significant Shareholder
Real Property                                           Trademarks & Service Marks
Tangible Property                                     Day Care & Dept. Lic
Unclaimed Property                                  Handicap Parking Permit
Deed Transfers                                          DEA Controlled Substance Lic
Liens, UCC & Judgments                          Banking & Financial Lic
Bankruptcies                                             Securities Dealer
Vehicle Registration                                   Money  Transfer Lic
Aircraft and Watercraft's                            Salt Water Products Lic                        
Marriages and Divorces                             Tobacco Lic
Death Records                                           Beverage Lic
Family Members                                         Marine Radio Lic
Known associates                                       Personal interviews as needed
Felonies & Misdemeanors
Probation & Parole
Traffic & boating Citations
Sexual Predator Status
Corporate Records
Fictitious Name
ABI Business Directory
Military Personnel
Workers Comp Claims

Records will vary depending on state
Specialized Searches Are Available Upon Request

Call us today - 866-736-5371

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