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Fees are structured in a way to make them easy to understand and where
everyone is a winner. We know there are not many places like that. We also
want you to know why we charge what we charge.

We are customers too! We  hate it when, as a customer, we ask someone, ” How Much
is your service going to cost?” and we get an answer like, ” I can’t tell you. I charge $.xx
per hour, but I don’t know how many hours this is going to take.”

We’re going to tell you what the cost is going to be up front before we start.

Our Philosophy is to get the answers you need as fast as we can. That’s why you came to
us. We believe there is a clear benefit to resolving your issue rapidly and charging you less.
Fast answers for you, more work for us. Clear and simple.

Now for some of the details. There is no simple, single pricing solution that will fit every
situation. We use what might be an ‘a la carte’ approach. this approach equals the best value
for your dollar and gives you the greatest control over the outcome.

For example here is our base rates for non-holiday and non-holiday weekend:
  • Hourly Rate      $75.00 per hour / per agent
  • Travel Time      $75.00 per hour / per agent
  • Mileage             $00.60 per mile
  • Expenses           At cost (Receipts will be provided)

Give us a call and we’ll provide you with a range of options to suit your individual needs.
The Benefit is simple: You get to know the complete charge before we start the work.

Here are some examples of packaged that you can choose as well:
All include 1 investigator, written report, film (digital image) and travel within 50 miles


  • You schedule day and time – 4 hours       $350.00
  • Pre-scheduled one day – 8 hours             $650.00
  • Pre-scheduled one day – 8 hours             $775.00
  • Saturday or Sunday
  • Pre-scheduled on day 8 – hours               $950.00
  • Pre-scheduled two 8 hour days            $1,400.00
  • Saturday and Sunday non-holiday weekend
All reports and service aare included
  • 1 Week (7 Days)            $300.00
  • 2 Weeks(14 Days)         $500.00
  • 4 Weeks (28 Days)        $800.00
Client is required to allow us in the home or office to set up undetectable tracker as well as access to remove the
Client must prove ownership rights in the computer by showing a lease on the property, proof of home ownership
or a record showing owner ship of the computer in your name with a serial number.


Our job is to get results and the answers!


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