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The Art Of A Private Investigator in Washington DC

A private investigator is a private detective in most atmospheres. Sometimes they are considered to be inquiry agents, which are people who can be hired by individuals or groups. They are hired to undertake investigatory law services by private citizens or businesses. They often work for attorneys in cases. A handful of very skilled private investigators work with defense attorneys on capital punishment and criminal defense cases. Many of them work for insurance companies to investigate suspicious claims. According to press reports, collecting evidence of adultery or other “bad behavior” by spouses and partners is still one of the most profitable activities investigators can undertake! Additionally, we at LIA, feel as if it’s our duty to offer this to the public because we care about the victims of the world with all our hearts! We are the private investigators in Washington D.C. that actually care about the little people of our great city and nation!

We are a fully licensed private investigation firm with partners all over the nation. 95% of our documents are attempted within the first 24 hours. There is no such thing as impossible which is why you should give LIA a try today. We will help you design the placement maps and cover of your surveillance camera needs. We can review remotely to help maintain your businesses security and shorten the time of resolution. This is done so you don’t have to wait for us to get on site.

LIA Security and Investigations, LLC., herein referred to as “LIA”, appreciates the opportunity to serve your court filing, court research, process serving, skip tracing needs and investigations. We do this under the terms and conditions of this LIA Services Agreement. Your use of the LIA website or of the LIA Services will constitute your consent and agreement to be bound by all terms and conditions of our Agreement. This includes, but not limited to, our Privacy Policy, which is discussed at our site. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions in this Agreement, we will be unable to provide any services to you.

We also want you to know that private investigators can also be used to perform due diligence for an investor who may be considering investing money with an investment group, fund manager or other high-risk business or investment venture. This could serve to help the prospective investor avoid being the victim of a fraud or some sort of Ponzi scheme.

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